NOTE: Equine Sports Massage is in no way a substitute for your veterinarian or veterinary medicine and should not be used as such. It should be used in conjunction with your veterinary care to help keep your horse(s) in optimum shape.
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Equine Massage Therapy

Equine Sports Massage Therapy for Horses of All Disciplines From Performance Horses to Trail Horses.

Why should you choose equine massage therapy for your horse(s)?              Because your horse deserves the best care.

Have you noticed that your horse is experiencing behavioral issues, decreased performance due to over-worked, tight muscles or muscle spasms? Do you have an arthritic horse or older horse?  Is your horse recovering from a muscle related injury? Have you noticed that your horses stride seems shorter or off? Is your horse tired and has a bad disposition and just doesn't want to work?
Massage therapy can help alleviate muscle fatigue and spasms thus reducing your horse's risk of pulling or tearing muscles. Massage therapy can also help improve circulation and reduce inflammation in joints and muscles while allowing them to move more freely. Massage therapy can be used under the direction of a veterinarian to assist with healing of soft tissue injuries. Equine Sports Massage can be used as a Preventative maintenance plan for your horse (every 3 - 6 weeks) or used specifically following ailments and injuries.

Benefits of Equine Massage Therapy
Some of the benefits of equine massage but not limited to are:
Relieves Tension and Muscle Spasms.                                       
Improves Circulation which promotes more rapid healing of injuries.
Enhances Muscle tone and increase your horse's range of motion/stride.
Increases potential performance and endurance.
Reduces Inflammation and swelling in the joints so that pain is relieved/reduced.
Increase the production of synovial fluid in the joints.
Can help to extend the good health and lifespan of your horse.
Increase immune system and increases circulation of lymphatic system & enhances elimination of waste.
Lubricates joints (helps the arthritic horse).
Generally promotes a positive disposition.

Benefits of Stretching
Some of the benefits of stretching but not limited to are:
Improved/Increases length of stride.
Increases circulation of lymph and blood fluids.
Improves coordination.
Reduces muscle stiffness.

Some Signs Your Horse Might Need a Message
Head tossing.
Refusal to pick up a lead.
Difficulty with lateral movements.
Lack of forward impulsion.
Can aid in the benefits after chiropractic work.
Unexplained lameness (after veterinarian consult)

Pre and Post Event Massages
Pre-event : 30 - 60 minutes before event begins. Main objective is to increase circulation throughout the horses body.
Post-event: 5- 10 minutes after the event has been completed. Main objective is to find stressed muscles, easing muscle tension.

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